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An #OccupyWallStreet Film Festival

Occupy Wall Street is almost certainly the most important democratic movement of the 21st century. It has inspired everyone across the political spectrum (Oh, come on. Yes, it has. Don’t be shy, you conservatives. Come on out. You can hate corporate corruption too).

Movies entertain, sure – and entertainment is very important, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – but movies also encourage, spark debate, instruct, inform, and invite us walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. You might not have know this. It’s a carefully guarded secret.

Here’s a proposed film festival for Occupy Wall Street protestors around the world and for those inspired by them and even for those not sure yet what side of the fence they’re on – maybe especially for them. Just a few suggestions for your rental queue or your local indy cinema from my list of ¬†favorites.

What films would you add? What films help you to envision the world you want to live in? Or warn you away from the one you don’t?


A Man For All Seasons (1966)

Network (1976)

Gandhi (1982)

(watch the full movie on YouTube)

How To Get Ahead In Advertising (1989)

4 comments to An #OccupyWallStreet Film Festival

  • Glenn Romanek

    Stick to writing screenplays, novels, and literary criticism, etc. Not politics, which seems not your metier.

  • Glenn Romanek

    -As you were! Try political opinion, too.

  • I believe citizens have an obligation to involve themselves deeply in politics. If we leave it to “the elite”, we end up in the mess we have now.

  • Glenn Romanek

    True: Deeply, carefully, and logically, because “the elite” occupy positions of power in every country in the world. A problem: Who or what organization determines “the elite”? Unfortunately, “the elite” is often named by pseudo-elitists themselves, ranting by way of emotion, rather than examining the FACTS; difficult to observe facts while huddling under a security blanket in a square or on a bridge or in a hostel.

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