L of Amph
What is drawing? How does one come to it? It is working through an invisible iron wall that seems to stand between what one feels and what one can do. How is one to get through that wall - since pounding at it is of no use? In my opinion one has to undermine that wall, filing through it steadily and patiently.
- Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, 22 October 1882



… was born November 12, 1967, in Abilene, Texas, to a mother who survived the Nazi bombing of London and a father who was a B-52 navigator/bombardier in the Vietnam War.

… grew up in the idyllic suburbia of Kettering, Ohio.

… moved to Los Angeles after acceptance to the University of Southern California. He was a National Merit Scholar and member of USC’s Thematic Option honors program.

… graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts alongside classmates Matthew Weiner (Mad Men), John Singleton (Boyz N the Hood), Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men), and Lee Unkrich (Finding Nemo, Toy Story) .

… studied a year abroad at the University of Kent at Canterbury – 19th century American literature, Australian cinema, and a seminar called “The Self: Issues in Psychology, Parapsychology and Spirituality”.

… was a driver for comedian Rodney Dangerfield during production of Rodney’s animated film “Rover Dangerfield”.

… become an animation editor for childhood hero Ralph Bakshi on “Cool World”.

… worked as a photo archivist at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ Center For Motion Picture Study.

… began his professional screenwriting career by optioning sci-fi thriller “Carnival Earth” to Carolco Pictures.

… has written screenplays for legendary producers, like Dino Di Laurentiis and Mario Kassar – and also for producers you have never heard of, nor are ever likely to hear of.

… has been blessed with some of the world’s best teachers, including Nina Foch for directing, Marshall Vandruff for visual art, RSC vet W. Morgan Sheppard for acting, Mark Bryan & Julia Cameron for multiple Artist’s Way workshops, and Anne & Larry Lincoln for what makes us tick.

… attended his first Academy Awards show as a waiter at the Academy Governors’ Ball.

… then, years later, attended the show as an Academy employee.

… has never, ever been nominated for an Academy Award, but has friends who have, so that’s something.

… married writer/therapist Janet Walker in 2004, in the Rotunda of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

… is 5′ 11″ (180.34 cm) tall.

… is both tattooed and pierced.

… continues to write movies – as well as articles on the latest developments in media technology.

… has been chosen by the estate of pioneering sci-fi writer Edgar Rice Burroughs to write a new installment in Burroughs’ “Carson Of Venus” series of sword & planet adventure novels.

… loves L.A.

… but currently lives in London, England with his wife, his daughter, and three extremely dangerous cats

… is represented in the USA by Jon Klane at The Jon Klane Agency, and is represented in the UK by Conrad Williams at Blake Friedmann Literary, TV & Film Agency.