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It doesn’t have to be real, it just has to be something that fools the eye.

- Grant McCune

New Shirt On Monday

“New Shirt On Monday” is NOT a Duran Duran song.

No, what you’re thinking of is the song entitled “Reflex Of The Monday” on the 7 of 9 of the Raging Tigger album.

In fact, “New Shirt On Monday” means just what it says. And what it says is “New Shirt On Monday”. That is, on Monday, this coming Monday, Oct.3, the first Monday in October, the RABBIT + CROW SHOP will unveil the Newest T-Shirt Design.

Of course, the design won’t be limited to T-shirts. Heavens, no. The design – designed from the ground up by design designer Neal Romanek – will also emblazoned be upon mugs and spiral notebooks and stickers and other items you can use to raise your spirits and to help you get the things that you desperately crave and to help you defeat your enemies.

Check out the RABBIT + CROW SHOP on Monday and gape in awe – or gaze in awe too, if you want – or gasp – gasping in awe is great also – grinning in awe: just fine – even if you must gag in awe, that will be permitted as well – whatever you choose to do in awe, check back on Monday and buy the New Design.

Bully your friends into doing so as well.

I thank you.

7 comments to New Shirt On Monday

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