Collage Self-Portrait 2
What is drawing? How does one come to it? It is working through an invisible iron wall that seems to stand between what one feels and what one can do. How is one to get through that wall - since pounding at it is of no use? In my opinion one has to undermine that wall, filing through it steadily and patiently.
- Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo, 22 October 1882

Diner’s Club Card

Diner's Club Card - 250/365

Video – 1 Hour of Screenwriting

Screenwriting is hard. Screenwriting surrounded by hungry cats is harder. Screenwriting surrounded by hungry cats, soothing a crying baby, well …

Brick Wall

Flickr Video – Autoportrait A

As you certainly must know by now – because of all the rioting in the streets – Flickr has adopted video. And there are many angry Flickr users threatening to boycott the Beijing Olympics because of it. Yahoo may be pulling a fast one by adding video to Flickr in order to “add value” prior to an imminent buyout by the wise & kindly Rupert Murdoch, et al.

I have been hoping a Flickr-like video community would appear for some time now – a classy, and useful, alternative to the busy, pixelated , irritating mess that is YouTube. In fact, the sheer mediocre awfulness of YouTube’s features and interface and image quality have discouraged me from posting video online in general. Why take time to make a video when it will only be seen in a crummy version? Online video is mature enough now that we should be getting high quality – HD even – video as a matter of course. A photo site that offered only low-resolution uploads would be laughed out of countenance today. So it should be with video.

Flickr is currently restricting uploaded videos to 90 seconds in length and only to Pro Account holders, which seems a sound approach. As a result, the video self-portrait below, which is just slightly over 90 seconds ends, prematurely. 

I guess I’ll have to post the complete version on my YouTube page.




Baconian Diptych

Blue Brush


Blue Triptych

Triptych Blue

Comp Self-Portrait 3

self-portrait composited from photographs in Photoshop